WP1: Management and quality assurance

  • D1.2: Data Management Plan

  • D1.3a: Yearly Technical Report

  • D1.3b: Yearly Technical Report

  • D1.3c: Yearly Technical Report

  • D1.4: Mid-term Report

  • D1.5: Final Report

WP2: Requirements, system architectures and fundamental studies

  • D2.1: User Requirements and Key Performance Indicators

  • D2.2: System Architecture Design

  • D2.3: Important Rare Events Identification

  • D2.4: Theoretical Bounds on Rare Events Detection

WP3: Large-scale Data Acquisition

  • D3.1: Report on Physical Process Data Modelling

  • D3.2: Design and Functional Architecture for Data Acquisition

  • D3.3: Design and Evaluation of the Data Acquisition Framework

WP4: Big Data Fusion

  • D4.1: Initial Results on Heterogeneous Big Data Aggregation

  • D4.2: Report on Data Reduction Techniques

  • D4.3: Software Executable for Data Reduction

  • D4.4: Report on Heterogeneous Big Data Aggregation

WP5: Machine Intelligence for Industrial Rare Event Provisioning

  • D5.1: Initial Report on Detection and Prediction Techniques

  • D5.2: Software Executable for the Detection-Prediction and the Visualization of Rare Events

  • D5.3: Final Report on Detection and Prediction Techniques

  • D5.4: Decision Making and Control for Rare Events

WP6: Proof of Concept - Trials and Pilots

  • D6.1: Plan the Demonstrations and Targets

  • D6.2: First Demonstration Trials

  • D6.3: Demonstration Descriptions

  • D6.4: Final Demonstrations and Report

WP7: Dissemination and exploitation plan

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