FIREMAN researchers participate in the “Joint FIREMAN and ee-IoT workshop” which takes place virtually on May 14th.

Download here the iCalendar with Zoom connection details.

Agenda at a glance (hours in EEST, GMT+3):

More information can be found in the webinar website:

FIREMAN is organizing a Special Session (SS) on Communication and Networking Algorithms for Cyber-Physical Systems in Industry 4.0, co-located with the IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications 2021 (PIMRC '21).

This is the second version of this SS after the successful completion of its first version at PIMRC '20 (detailed information can be found in link 1, link 2).

This SS's utmost goal is to strengthen the still weak link between specialists in communications and the actual industrial communication needs, indicating more efficient solutions.

Workshop Organizers:

  • Pedro H. J. Nardelli, LUT University, Finland
  • Nicola Marchetti, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


List of papers/technical presentations:

  • SMOKE - Solution for Monitoring of the IIoT KPIs and EventsP. Mulinka (CTTC), C. Kalalas (CTTC)M. Dzaferagic (TCD), I. MacAluso (TCD), D. Gutierres (LUT), P. Nardelli (LUT)and N. Marchetti (TCD) 
  • Performance Evaluation of Dynamic Computation Offloading for Industrial WearablesA. Ali (TUNI), O. Galinina (TUNI), J. Hosek (BUT)S. Andreev (TUNI) 
  • Age of Control Process for Real-Time Cyber Physical Control SystemB. Kizilkaya, G. Zhao, M. Imran (University of Glasgow) 
  • SOON: Social network of machines to schedule manufacturing in machine tools fleetH. Ghorbel, S. Carrino, F. Abdalla, J. Dreyer, I. Budinska, L. Barna-Iantovics, A. Gligor (SOON project: 
  • On the Relation between Control Performance and Age of Information in Industrial IoT SystemsPedro Maia de Sant Ana (Bosch/AAU), Nikolaj Marchenko (Bosch), Petar Popovski (AAU), Beatriz Soret (AAU) 
  • The Age of Datasets in Edge Machine LearningN. Pappas (LiU) and M. Kountouris (EURECOM) 

FIREMAN researchers participated in the “Joint ee-IoT and FIREMAN webinar” which took place virtually on December 11th.

The webinar focused on energy-efficient connectivity for the IoT, and several research topics related to massive and critical machine-type wireless communication, enabling and emerging technologies and applications, were thoroughly discussed.



More information can be found in the webinar website:, where you can also access the recorded talks and slides. Besides, you can also find mini-posters promoting the most recent research outcomes of both projects.

On Oct. 15th, Arthur Sousa de Sena, PhD student at LUT and FIREMAN researcher, was awarded the prestigious Nokia Foundation grant for his research related to massive-MIMO NOMA networks. This grant is expected to support a research visit to the group of Prof. Papadias (FIREMAN technical coordinator) in Greece, to foster the already successful collaboration in advanced methods for data transmission (WP3 activities).

More information about the grant can be found here.

Congratulations, Arthur!


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